Tuesday 18 June 2013

Hostile and undiplomatic action by Harper Government against Iranians is not acceptable

Hostile and undiplomatic action by Harper Government against Iranians is not acceptable

A Supporter of Rouhani- Tabriz
After the election results were announced in Iran and Rouhani was elected as the seventh president, the Harper Government made another mistake by harshly criticizing the government while millions of Iranians had participated in the election and celebrated its results.
The Harper Government does not have access to the grassroots Iranian community in Canada, nor in Iran. Therefore, it has no idea what is really going on in Iran and in the Middle East, for that matter.



Harper Government advisers are NOT capable of correctly analyzing Iran, its politics, and its people, partly because the Government sources are only a few Iranians who generally do know enough Persian to have access to the news and other sources of information. mostly they have not been in Iran.
However, the election results are a big loss for Harper Government’s foreign policy. Also, the fake opposition created by Neo-conservatives of Canada faced a big defeat, too.
The fake opposition will lose  their shaky coalition who falsely claims to be voice of the Iranian community in Canada. That’s a false claim because they are interested in seeking power, and not the community at large.
I hope the fake opposition centred around Reza Moridi ,  who does not represent the Iranian community’s interests by his actions, including his support for the sanctions”) to learn from the events starts trying to defend the rights and interests of the community not the Neo-conservative who are endangering Canada’s reputation among nations as a broker for peace. Jean Chretien, the former Prime Minister of Canada, stated on Jan 14, 2013 in Ottawa during the Liberal convention, that wherever he went, other nations would ask him what happened to Canada.
The Hostile stance toward Iranian people will not help the Iranian community to improve democracy and human rights in Iran.
Iranians have the ability to decide their political future. The Harper Government, Jason Kenny ( Immigration Minister, Peter Mckay, Defence Minister, and John Baird, Foreign minister,  have lost yet another opportunity to show goodwill and friendship toward the Iranian community and Iranian people, by not acknowledging Iranian’s celebrations for a hopeful future. 


Bandar Abas celebration- Persian Gulf

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