Sunday 5 October 2014

Canadian Iranian coalition for peace on Canada Military mission in Iraq

Press Release

Oct 5 - 2014 
Canadian Iranian coalition for peace is opposing sending any Canadian armed forces to Iraq and Syria.,based on military expert opinion  .   

it is almost impossible to win guerrilla ware fare by only air strikes . it needs ground forces to defeat a well armed and well trained terrorist organization.
We believe Canada should help to resolve and improve the 
refugee and homelessness problem of hundreds of thousands of Syrian ,Kurdish and religious minorities people , due to the terrorist vicious and barbaric war
the past intervention in middle east countries has caused such a agonizing result for people in the region our foreign policy in the middle east has been a failure,we beleive .

The tragic result of Canadian military air mission in Libya has ended in civil war that threatening stability of Libya , Libyan citizens and security of neighboring countries.

The Canada military involvement in Afghanistan Has caused loss of tens of our solders and Billions of Dollars of Tax payers money while Afghanistan is not better and safer and more free country than before.

Learn form the past and History.

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