Monday 19 October 2015

PRESS RELEASE by 3 Iranian Canadian NGOs on Election OCT 19 -2015 and two Iranian Decent MPs

PRESS RELEASE by 3 Iranian Canadian NGOs on Election  OCT 19 -2015

 We ,undersigned, as Iranian Canadian NGOs would like to take the opportunity to welcome  338 MPs  whom are elected on Oct 19-2015 .
  we also like to express our views  on elected  Canadian-Iranian MPs Mr. Majid Jowhari Liberal ( Richmond Hill ) and Mr. Ali Ehssasi ( Liberal -Willowdale )

   The informal and estimated population of Iranian community in Canada is about 300,000 coast to coast, from Prince Edward Island to British Colombia where province of Ontario including GTA by itself holds 150,000 of Iranian population. 

 we are very much pleased to have two Iranian Decent MPs for the 1st time in Canadian history, Having said that, We will support two MPs Mr Majid Jowhari ( Richmond Hill-Liberal ) and Mr.Ali Ehssasi ( Willowdale-Liberal ), as long as they do support the Iranian community rights and interests and work with them ,  we certainly like not to experience the similar issues that we are having with Liberal MP Mr. Reza Moridi, whom has turned his back on Iranian community by pushing for more Conservative sanctions against Iranians which deeply has hurt our community interests  .

  We urge Leader of political parties of Canada , and main stream Media to RESPECT IRANIAN COMMUNITY MULTIPLE VOICE AND WALK OF LIFE .




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