Sunday 8 September 2013

town hall information table on Reza Moridi pro sanction liberal , abusing 67 political massacre

 Canadian Iranian coalition for peace
Sep 8 -2013

there was a remembrance for  25th anniversary of more than 3500 political prisoners who were executed in 1367 (1988)in Iran .

4 political group organized the event on Sat. Sep 7 _2013 in North York Centre , Toronto
(Todeh party- Fadaeian Aksarait - Komele and Kurdestan -Iran Democrat party)

Two co-founder  of the coalition (Canadian Iranian coalition for peace) Jamshid Bagher Zadeh and Hassan Golsafidi set a table to inform public on Mr. Reza Moridi , MPP , who is politically supporting Sanction against Iran which hurting Iranians and not The regime.

Also, Mr. Moridi and his party Liberal party and other Canadian party such as NDP and Conservative has been silent on the political prisoners execution  in Iran from 1979 to recent years which raising the serious questions on the  politicizing intention of the recent support .

The group had a short discussion with Mr. Moridi who was accusing the group on insulting Mr. Moridi which  Mr. Bagerzadeh  rejecting the allegation and asked Mr. Moridi , why you do not held a town hall meeting in your riding in Richmond Hill to answer the questions and concerns of some residences ( Iranian and non Iranians ) ?

Mr. Moridi responding " NO" ." I am not going to held the town hall meeting ."
Canadian Iranian coalition for peace strongly believes the Canadian politician has to held town hall meeting to hear the voice of the constituency on the issues which has direct impacts on their lives and the future of the Canadians.  Listening to the voice of the people is the principal of any democracy and those politician who believe in Democracy and people's voice.
 the coalition strongly condemns any  puppet alternative such as Nazanin Afhsin Jam and those such as Mr. Moridi who is supporting such opportunistic ideas in Canada.

three ex political prisoners told their horrific story of the time in Jail.
thanks to Touraj ( an organizer) to arrange the table.

 Canadian Iranian coalition for peace requested to have 5 min time to express the concern three weeks .

town hall information  table on Reza Moridi  pro sanction liberal , abusing 67 political massacre

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