Friday 23 May 2014

letter to Justin Trudeau on MPP Moridi- CIC for Peace

May 2014
Dear Hon. Trudeau,   
1/4 Million Iranian Decent living  in Ontario And close to 400,000 all over Canada, with strong relationship with the Liberal Party, with lots of respect for your late father Mr. Pierre Elliott Trudeau for his efforts on peace, Charter of rights and Freedom and open approach for new immigrants.  
 Iranian- Community in Canada, is an influential & highly educated, we have among several hundred professional such as:  Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and UNIVERSITY scholars. In addition we have one of the top ranking students in universities across Canada.  Also, many of Canadian Iranians are working in different fields, within the Canadian government offices, they run private enterprises and other successful businesses such as investors & builders.  Who are proudly generating hundreds of millions of dollars which is contributing to the Canadian economy and multiculturalism!    We want to bring a few viewpoints to your attention from our community........  
WE ARE sorry to report to you that, our elected member of Provincial Government, Mr. Reza Moridi is focusing mostly on foreign affairs rather than dealing with actual needs of Iranian community in Toronto & ONTARIO.........
.  In our humble opinion, Mr. Moridi is SOMEHOW confused with Liberal party guidelines.... He is emphasizing on sanction on Iran in alignment with Prime Minister Harper and Minister Baird, which is SERIOUSLY hurting only the Iranian people, not the government of Iran.
This has damaged and is continuing to negatively affect Iranian - Canadian Community FINANCES in Canada. Majority of Iranian community is not supporting these sanctions. Is it really a provincial Member of Parliament responsibility to act as slow federal Member of Parliament?????
 MMP Moridi knowingly or unknowingly, has supported an infamous ex terrorist group in Iran (Mojahedin Khalq) MEK and their lobbyist in Canada which have kept a few young Canadians in Camp Ashraf against their Will. MEK is     MEK is promoting hate and violence in Iraq and Iran which is totally against Canadian values and principles...
MPP Moridi also supported the closure of Iranian consulate in Ottawa, which has caused a tremendous amount of inconvenience for all Canadian-Iranians in our country Canada. He is simply following the Conservative Party mandates.   Supporting sanction and war, this is against the Liberal party’s policy and philosophy.  Therefore our community cannot distinguish between the Liberals and the conservatives.,,,,,,
These issues have caused hopelessness in our Community towards the Liberal Party.  
 We request that you as the leader of the Liberal party of Canada to guide some of the party members to follow the Liberal path, rather than their own personal agenda!!!  Liberal Party has always made Canada a respected and unique country globally.    Please consider our issues and concerns. 
Yours Very Truly,
Canadian Iranian Coalition for Peace

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