Monday 9 June 2014

Mr. Barrow invitation of economic warfare and sanction Jimmy Delshad insulting Iranian Canadian community

June 9 -2014 

Town Of Richmond Hill Mayor

Dear Mr. Barrow

We are writing TO ASK YOU to reconsider the   invitation Of Mr. Jimmy Delshad from US ,in your fundraising event ON June 15-2014 ,.

Town of Richmond Hill initiative character community mission  Statement  is "working  together to make York Region  should be known for peace and prosperity , therefore, those such as Mr. Jimmy Delshad ,Previous Mayor of Beverly hills, with his controversial  political views, such as  promoting economic war fare and sanction on  Iranian  people,  which has damaged majority of Iranian Canadian finances in Richmond Hill, Ontario and Canada .  

Economic war fare and sanction is killing children who need medicine in Iran . It is almost impossible to send  medicine  and wheat, and ordinary people necessities   directly to Iran from Canada, due to conservative party Harsh inhuman sanctions,.  We believe this is  violation of universal Human rights and contradiction of Canada Traditional peace initiative in the past. .

Invitation of Mr. JimmY Delshad to your event seems to be  politically  motivated ,and so many Iranian Canadian,   resided in Richmond Hill and many middle Eastern  Communities in York Region, WILL BE DISAPPOINTED AND SOMEHOW INSULTED .

Peace loving TOWN Of Richmond Hill does not welcome those who are in favor of Economic warfare  and sanction which kills INNOCENT PEOPLE .yours truly

Canadian Iranian Collation for peace
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Jimmy Delshad with GENERAL َArion Sharon - accued of war crimes and crime against Humanity

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