I contacted Mahak., ( Dec 23 -2012 )  the NGO hospital for Kids with cancer in Tehran,
Below is a list of their current needs, in order of priority:

Tab Thioguanine 40 mg 
Vial Doxorubicin 10 mg
Tab Imatinib 100 mg
Vial Carmustine 100 mg
Vial Busulfan 6 mg
Tab Methotrexate 2.5 mg
Vial voriconazole 200 mg
Vial Cytarabin 100 mg
Vial Melphalan 50 mg
Vial L-Asparginase 10000 unit

When they let us know if and when they can provide these items, the modes of transfer, etc. could be discussed.
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