Saturday 15 December 2012

No to Sanctions and No to War on Ordinary peace loving Iranians

No to Sanctions and No to War on Ordinary peace loving Iranians
Oct 9 -2012
Mr. Harper

& the few in the Iranian community who support his sanctions and  war

Every day, we hear about more economic pressure and harsher living conditions imposed on millions of fellow Iranians. Rising prices of Food and medicine, and housing, among other necessities, are evidence for the impact of the sanctions on all sections of the Iranian society. On October 5, 2012, the UN Secretary General underscored the fact that “sanctions on Iran are having ‘significant’ effects on the Iranian people and also appear to be harming humanitarian operations in the country” [1]. His statement indicates that punishing Iranian people is what the sanctions have achieved, whereas the sanctions were meant to be a measured attack to paralyze the Iranian Government.

On October 1, 2012, the Canadian Government targeted 16 Iranian pharmaceutical companies. The BBC reported [2] that the sanctions were meant to target the Iranian Government and not the Iranian people. However, the shortage or lack of medicines, on the one hand, and the sudden increase in their price, on the other hand, have caused grave concern to sick people, especially those fighting hemophilia, kidney disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The tragedy of Iraq, which took away hundreds of thousands of lives, is about to be repeated. We hold every one of you morally responsible to protect the lives of ordinary Iranians.

Mr. Harper, are Canadian people informed that your decision to impose sanctions on Iranian pharmaceutical companies can take away hundreds of thousands of lives? Is the suffering and pain endured by ordinary Iranians endorsed by the vast majority of peace-loving Canadians?

All humans have the right to life. Do not play with people’s lives for politics and oil.

You are morally and legally are responsible for the lost lives.

Canadian _Iranian Democratic coalition for Peace  (C.I.C.P.)

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